What makes the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 the Best Beard Trimmer?

Put simply, no single company has dominated the electronic razor and beard trimmer markets in North America over the past 10 years the way Norelco has. Each new edition of their products has seen major enhancements which have pushed the industry forward, setting a high bar for quality and functionality.

We wanted to know what sets their new Series 7200 beard trimmer apart in the crowded electric beard trimmer market and what some of its most significant features were.

Ultra-sharp and long-lasting blade

Before detailing the more cutting-edge aspects of the Series 7200 trimmer, let’s look at one of the most fundamental aspects of this model: its blade.

Norelco’s newest blade is ultra-sharp and durable. It has a self-sharpening mechanism as well, enhancing its lifetime and preventing the need for part replacement. This is a major advantage, as all men who use electric razors know how unpleasant it is to use a razor with a dull blade for even a single shave or trim.

Vacuum cleaning mechanism

For us, this is the single aspect of the Norelco Series 7200 trimmer that blows its competition out of the water. Unlike a typical hair collector found in some razor models, the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 beard trimmer features a powerful vacuum that forcefully sucks in loose hair while cutting. The collected hair is then easily disposed of after shaving is done.

We haven’t seen anything nearly so effective on the market. Once you get used to this way of disposing of loose hair, old razors that leave hair around your sink will seem old-fashioned and archaic.

Emphasis on washability and hygiene

In addition to its hair disposal mechanism, the Norelco Series 7200 boasts an easily detachable and washable razor that won’t become dull from washing. It also comes with a razor brush that you can use to clean tiny hairs off the trimmer.

Just detach the blade component, wash it under tap water, pat it dry and pop it back in. This makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze in a way that we think is the best of its class.

Powerful and reliable ion lithium battery

Unlike other trimmers which become less powerful as battery life reduces, the Philips Norelco Series 7200 beard trimmer will remain usable at full strength until its battery needs recharging. The battery has an impressive 80-minute charge, and unlike countless other razors that use ion lithium batteries, it is useable while corded (because who wants to wait 30 minutes to shave while their trimmer’s battery recharges?)

Time-efficient and great feel

The Series 7200 beard trimmer has a “lift and cut” technology that first raises beard hair to a uniform level then cuts it with its ultra-sharp blade, providing a quick and smooth shave and eliminating the need to re-shave the same area multiple times. It’s comfortable against the skin and doesn’t leave bumps or nicks.


We’re enthusiastic about this razor because it addresses all the issues we had experienced with other electric beard trimmers while giving us features we didn’t realize we needed, but can no longer do without. The razor sells for $55-$60 and is available at all major online retailers.

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