What Exactly Are Leggings?


History of Leggings- Leggings took their start in the 1950’s. However, through the times, they haven’t always been the stretchy pants we wear today. They have changed throughout time. Audrey Hepburn wore pants that had a tight fit and a capri style in 1957. They were not stretchy but had a similar look to leggings today. The idea continued to grow and was a huge hit in the 70’s-80’s. Then, it came roaring back in the 2000’s.

What Are Leggings Made of? 

Leggings are a thicker material than tights and do not have the sweat-wicking ability of yoga pants bought from https://lularoeleggings.org. They are most likely going to be a thicker material such as nylon or polyester. However, there is always some spandex in there to give the leggings some stretch.

How to Wear Leggings

The possibilities are endless with ways to wear leggings. You can wear them as pants if you are running around town, or hanging out at the house. Even better, you can wear legging with a long button-down shirt, leggings under a skirt, under a denim dress. Leggings pair well with tall boots and even flats. There are so many combinations of outfits to try. It is also simple to put together an outfit involving leggings. They seem to go together with almost everything. Even a simple t-shirt with leggings will look good.

Leggings in the Workplace

Casual dress has been working its way into the workforce for quite some time now. However, some people are for leggings as pants, and some are against leggings as an outfit choice. It does always depend on the employer, but more women today are wearing leggings in their everyday fashion. They do it in a way that does not look unprofessional. It is a shift in the fashion industry. Most offices don’t want leggings worn as pants because they are so similar to something you lie around the house in. However, women can wear them under dresses and skirts to make a statement.

Why are Leggings so Controversial?

As it was discussed earlier, leggings have been around for a while. Why is suddenly this article of clothing under such scrutiny? Well, yoga pants are used for exercise, and many people have worn them out and about. People are grouping yoga pants and leggings into one category even though they are different types of clothing. Most people don’t want people wearing their gym clothes out in public. However, leggings are not gym clothes, and should not be seen as that. Yoga pants are made of different materials and have the sweat-wicking properties. Leggings do not.

Bans on Leggings

Some companies have taken it upon themselves to ban someone who shows up in leggings. They feel they do not appear professional. This month 2 girls were made to leave their flight because the flight attendants did not believe their leggings met their dress policy. Many schools have banned leggings claiming they are too form-fitting and show of girls body parts. However, many parents are challenging the decision. Many say it is contributing to not teaching boys to focus on their schoolwork, without making girls change what they are doing.

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