Tips on bike lighting

Bike lights are attached to bicycles to help other road users to have a clear visibility of the cyclist. They are very important and without them, both the cyclist and other road users are likely to be exposed to certain dangers which might include the following:

First of all, bike lights as mentioned above help to improve the cyclist’s visibility on the road. In as much as there is always a possibility of accident occurring on roads, cycling without bike lights is a sure way of increasing that possibility. Cyclists with no bike lights are hence prone to be knocked down by un noticing oncoming vehicles, this has been proven by¬†

Secondly, cycling without bike lights might expose the cyclist to invisible road hazards for instance ditches on some roads or even bumps.Without these bike lights the cyclist will not be able to have a clear view of the road ahead and he/she is likely to come across road hazards that might prove to be injurious to him/her.

Thirdly, a cyclist without bike lights is most probably a danger to pedestrians on roads. this is because the cyclist without the bike lights will not be able to see a pedestrian and likewise the pedestrian might also not be able to see the oncoming cyclist especially at night. This will end up in a collision between the two in which case injury is inevitable.

Another danger of cycling without bike lights is that it can be a cause fatal road accidents on highways. This mainly occurs in cases where a cyclist without lights is not identified by an oncoming motorist. The motorist might try to avoid knocking down the cyclist ending up swerving off on to another oncoming vehicle. Such head-on collisions are usually fatal especially on the highways.

Research also suggests that most motorists are usually less alert at night than during the daytime. This means that such drivers are likely to ignore any cyclist on the road who has no reflective indicators. such drivers usually end up knocking down cyclists on the road especially those without bike lights on their bikes.

Large trucks on highways are also a major cause of fatality for cyclists without bikelights. This comes as a result of the large size of the trucks that makes them unable to see a small cyclist onthe road especially one who has no bike lights. Such kind of accidents always ends up in the loss of life of thecyclist.

Lastly, cycling without bike light is dangerous for both pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers alike. Research suggests that most accidents involving cyclists and motor vehicles are most likely due to the motorist not identifying the cyclist on time. More often than not, it is always the cyclist who ends up with injuries or ends up losing his/her life.

ln conclusion, cycling without bike lights has proved to be as dangerous as it can get. Bicycle riders are therefore advised to install bike lights as a safety measure to avoid these dangers of cycling without bike lights.

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