How to change address easily

Changing addresses can be very challenging at times, moreover it could be very time consuming. It is not like the moving process is not stressful enough already. One must label the boxes, make sure they are sealed properly, don’t over stuff the boxes, don’t under stuff the boxes, make sure each room’s items are grouped together, etc. It is a significant amount of work. Just as the move is stressful, changing one’s address can add an additional unwarranted mountain of stress.

One may not even remember all of the locations to report a change of address to. The most important places to ensure that a change of address is reported are the following: doctors, the IRS, employers, previous employers within the last year, credit card issuers, local banks, any retirement plans, i.e. 401k or IRA accounts, lawyers, incoming bills, etc. Most generally, all one has to do make a phone call and they can verify the information over the phone and make a quick change. It sounds easy enough, right? The process at the United States Postal Office is in fact that easy, made even easier at All one must do is either change it online, go in personally and fill out a change of address form, or leave it in the mail box for the mail carrier to retrieve. Just remember to leave the flag up for outgoing mail.

It is not always that easy though. It will require an extensive amount of time dedicated to making all of those phone calls. There are boxes to unpack, a new home to decorate, potentially a new career to embark upon. It would likely take all week or longer still, to make all of the phone calls necessary to get the address change fully accomplished. Even as easy as this process is in general, who has time to stay on the phone all day? Today’s society is in constant go-mode. Everyone is in a hurry, and going from here to there. No one wants to be on the phone all day or even off and on for a week or so.

It definitely could be a worthy investment to hire someone to make the calls to help you change your address. In this way, you can focus on establishing your new life in your new home. They can deal with the stress involved in making all of the calls to change the address.

There are many other valid reasons why one may need to hire someone to help them make the address change. If someone is blind or deaf, and they are limited in being able to communicate, then it may require having someone help. Furthermore, language barriers pose a viable obstacle. If someone speaks a different language and they can not communicate their need, then someone may be needed to help them make those changes for them. When communication is limited for any reason, there may be a need to hire someone to help. Obviously moving can be an additional stress, but not all things about it have to be stressful. Make a list of phone numbers and places. Hire someone and let them do the work. Sit down and enjoy yourself in front of your television in your new home!

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