Different types of garbage disposal

Garbage’s have become a menace in many countries and most significant in the urban centers and big cities. This however, have been significantly been curbed by some of the best methods of curbing garbage disposal. At an average of 2000 tones of trash are produced in the world everyday. The most of this are plastic products as many items are wrapped in them. The following are the best methods or ways for waste disposal.

(1 ) Recycling

This is one of the most common Disposal Methods of garbage disposal. This entails the garbage is collected are being turned to new or the same items. This method is the best as it does not promote additional of other garbage. It is said to be the most environmental friendly method as the products created will also recycled over and over again. However it is costly to make a recycling plant and only deals with recyclable materials only. This that are recycled include papers, plastic, glass and aluminium.

(2) Composting

This method involves decaying of the organic matter into compost. This is a natural way of disposing waste. The decomposed matter maybe used as fertilizer as it is rich in nutrients . Such things that can be disposed include the food scraps, fruit peals, leaves. This method is advantageous to the soil as it provides the natural pesticide, soil humus, humic acid and fertilizer.

(3) Block or decrease waste creation

This method is where people reduce usage of plastics and other products, due to increased population there is a need to reuse a product and be health conscious. Companies which manufacture this product should however reduce its day to day net of product and allow the once in the market and by this at approximately 60% of the garbage will be reduced and become environment friendly.

(4) Burning

This method is where high heated chambers are used to destroy garbage. It uses infernos to burn them. This method is however be used to produce energy. Toxic and dangerous garbage’s can be removed completely by this method. This method is effective in non-biodegradable materials and this method reduces garbage by 90%. This method is however expensive to get the necessary tools but once you acquire them it is 100% effective and removes the garbage completely.

(5)Sanitary landfill

This is where some toxic are buried in the ground. this method is best with chemicals and materials that create immediate health risk. This method is done through cementing the place. It is however important to note that this method is effective in area that do not flood and no water logged areas around them. However, this method requires a well skilled personnel to make it effective and free from danger.

(6) Use as animal feed

Green leaves maybe ideal not to throw them to rot instead some maybe used as animal feeds. Pigs for instance do no care what is thrown to them as long as they can it. Sometimes animal feeds are expensive and you may use this waste to feed them instead of throwing away or decomposing and by doing so u clean the environment

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