Benefits of Standing Desks

Standing desks are desks that you stand to use, it allows you to work while standing. Regular desks are low and you will need a chair to comfortably work on them, but standing desks are high and you can work on them without bending too low.

Standing desks are gradually being embraced by individuals and offices because of their benefits to the user. This article will explore some of the benefits of using a standing desk at

First standing desks have been credited with their ability to make weight loss easier for it’s users . Sitting in one position all day makes an individual add a lot of weight over time, but using a standing desk makes it easy for you to effortlessly burn calories without even realising it. Doing all your work on a standing desk is like killing two birds with one stone, first you get your job done quickly and secondly you exercise your body there by getting rid of unhealthy fat that could cause serious health challenges. What this means is that users of Standing desk are less prone to getting obese than people who sit to work.

Using a standing desk also reduces the risk of metabolic diseases and increase in blood sugar. Studies have shown that people that returned to use standing desks after meal had reduced blood sugar level but sitting down immediately after lunch does the direct opposite. This means that standing desk users are at less risk of having illnesses like diabetes and heart diseases that are linked to excess blood sugar. Standing does more good to the heart than sitting. Most times exercising once in a week will not be able to cover up for the damage done to the heart for sitting in the office throughout the week. So to reduce the risks of having a high blood sugar level and having cardiac arrest that could lead to death, making use of a standing desk is advised.

Furthermore, using a standing desk helps in reducing occurrence of back pain. Research show that people that sit all day at work are more prone to experiencing back pain that people that use a standing desk. People that sit all day tend to slouch with time, this poor sitting posture cam bring about serious back pain. Standing desks help to correct the posture of the user and also eliminate the problem of upper back pain.

Another benefit of using a standing desk is that it makes the user more active and energetic. Sitting all day can cause fatigue and laziness, but having to always be standing makes the user not only energetic but also very productive at work. Feeling of stress and fatigue is highly reduced with a standing desk this makes the user more pro active and envies him get more work done within a shorter period of time.

Finally, It is common knowledge that sedentary life can reduce the life span of a person. Sitting at work five days a week, doesn’t do much good to the worker, it reduces his life expectancy, because he is more prone to heart related diseases. Using a standing desk however eliminates that challenge. The mortality rate of people who use standing desk is very low when compared to those who sit all day, this I’d because using a standing desk is good for the general well being of the body. So to improve the metabolic, mental and physical health of your body, standing desks should be used.

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